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Tara's Dog Training Blog ~ TarasDogTraining.com
Tuesday, 1 December 2009
Loose Leash Walking
Topic: Gentle Leaders

Before setting off on your walk with your dog decide what you will reward your dog for and what you will not. For example, if you start off your walk and your dog is there by your side, make a choice to reward that and continue to reward that throughout the walk whenever your dog is in the heel position.

If your dog pulls, one thing you can do is turn around and wait until your dog is by your side again and offer praise once he/she arrives there in the heel position. 

Remember that nagging your dog or yanking on the leash doesn't convey much information for your dog, so think positive and find those reward opportunities...your dog will thank you for it!



Posted by tarasdogtraining at 3:40 PM
Updated: Friday, 8 January 2010 3:59 PM

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