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Tara's Dog Training Blog ~ TarasDogTraining.com
Friday, 9 July 2010
A Healthy Kibble can do a lot for Your Dog
Topic: Healthy Kibble

From a trainer's standpoint, I have seen behavioral problems greatly decrease after a dog has been placed on a healthy kibble diet. Hyper-activity, excessive jumping and nipping can all be affected in such a positive way with a good diet.
Check your kibble and make sure the first ingredient is a main protein like chicken, beef or salmon. You don't want the first ingredient to read by-product. Organic Kibble is a good way to go as those always have a great main protein source. Yes, they are a bit pricier than the standard kibble and bits type dog food, but it's well worth the investment for the health and well being of your dog. California Natural, Taste of the Wild, Natural Balance, Evo, Solid Gold and Timber Wolf are some great options for natural, healthy dog food. Place your dog on a healthy kibble diet and note what behavioral changes you see after a couple weeks.

Here's what my clients have seen and noted:

- Nipping and Jumping decreased
- Scratching decreased
- Dandruff decreased
- Hot Spots diminishing
- Lumps under coat diminishing
- Hyper activity decreased
- A shinier, healthier coat

List the benefits you see and share them with us below! List your dog food and the positive changes you've noted in your dog.

Posted by tarasdogtraining at 3:59 PM

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