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Tara's Dog Training Blog ~ TarasDogTraining.com
Saturday, 21 January 2012
Topic: Sirius Puppy Training

In my puppy kindergarten classes I still run into so many owners who haven't been properly socializing their puppies. Coming to class is their great first step but, there's still a huge misconception that 6 months is the age they can really begin training their puppy and introducing to friends and family. I always say there's not a light bulb that goes off in the puppy's head at 6 months where they realize how to behave and stop jumping on strangers. They begin taking in information and conditioning their responses to certain stimuli as soon as week 1, so we've got to take initiative in training and properly socializing them BEFORE even 12 weeks of age. 


Your goal, when you get your puppy around 8 weeks should be to socialize him like crazy, introduce him to all your friends, take him to a positive puppy class and begin house training immediately. Have your crate ready, along with plenty of chew toys and your potty journal nearby so you can track when your puppy is most likely to go. And don't forget about the critical socialization period ending at 12 weeks! Lots of work must be done beforehand and contacting a positive trainer beforehand to help you through it, will make a huge difference. 


Puppies need to be exposed to other dogs and people before that 12-week mark for proper socialization. Your pup should be handled by as many people as you can provide, from day 1. It's hard, as many owners are fearful about taking their puppy anywhere or doing anything before their 3 rounds of shots, but you can do it in the comfort of your own home and in a safe puppy kindergarten class.


If you want to avoid problem behaviors like fear and aggression from developing then make sure you are prepared to expose your puppy to everything possible in those first few weeks at home. I always suggest taking a vacation when you get your puppy, as you'll need the time to house train and potty train and introduce to a ton of people and dogs.  


I encourage all owners to come to my puppy class BEFORE getting their puppy. I want owners to see how the training works, meet other puppy owners and see the issues they are dealing with so you are prepared and know what to expect. I offer a FREE drop in, so owners can stop in and audit my class anytime. I, of course, then encourage them to bring their new pup to class as soon as 8 weeks. My class areas are fully sanitized and we ensure the puppies safety in introducing them to the other puppies. We use a lot of Sirius Puppy Training methods, along with other positive training methods. My goal is to make sure you have fun while training your puppy and that your pup grows up to be a well rounded adult dog. 


PLEASE DOWNLOAD THESE FREE E-BOOKS from The Sirius Puppy Training Initiative: BEFORE YOU GET YOUR PUPPY & AFTER YOU GET YOUR PUPPY: By Dr. Ian Dunbar http://www.dogstardaily.com/free-downloads


I'm happy to be taking part, as a professional trainer, in the SIRIUS PUPPY TRAINING INITIATIVE.

Sign up for my Puppy Kindergarten Classes by emailing:Info@TarasDogTraining.com



Posted by tarasdogtraining at 9:08 AM
Updated: Saturday, 21 January 2012 9:18 AM

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